The ’51’

One needs to set oneself a challenge.

Partly for fun, partly for focus, I decided to set myself a more-or-less serious goal. What would life be if there is nothing to aim for ? And in the context of my hobbies I wondered what would be a challenging, yet reachable target. All Châteaux of the Bordeaux would not be possible (reputedly there are 8.500 or so), neither all domaines in the Bourgogne (no fixed number even, estimated ‘thousands’). All Appellations then ?  That would be almost realistic, but even they count currently over 300 and the number is steadily growing.

I decided for a specialist approach, partly aided by the particular affinity I have for their wines: I will try to sample all 51 Grand Cru’s of the Alsace. It’s a region whose wines I simply love; from the cépage Riesling to Gewurztraminer, over Muscat and Pinot Gris. Even some of the assemblages are remarkably good.

51 wines seem realistically do-able, but I know in advance it might be more difficult than it seems. Some Grand Cru locations are pretty small and the Alsatians are smart enough to keep their best at home. I can’t blame them at all. We will see how it all works out.

I have already sampled some, obviously, but as there are unregistered I plan to go for a clean start. In between I will not hesitate to sample non Grand Cru wines, by the way. There is a lot to enjoy out here !