Q: Are you a wine professional ?
A: Totally not. I am an amateur in the most literal sense of the word – and do not even consider myself to be a very talented one.

Q: Are you related to the wine industry in any sense ?
A: No. Except as a consumer, obviously.

Q: Are you sponsored in any way ?
A: No. I think there’s enough sponsored cheating in blog form already.

Q: Who selects your wines ?
A: Principally, only me, apart from the occasion that I receive a bottle as present – and that bottle might or might not make this blog – that’s up to me only.

Q: I make / sell wine. Would you taste it and give your honest (hum) opinion ?
A: No sorry. I value my privacy so don’t accept anything, not even as gift. And I stick to wines I can buy myself.

Q: Where do you buy your wines ?
A: Everywhere where you would / could buy them: from the humble supermarket  to specialists.

Q: Do you have a budget ?
A: Actually, yes. I’m on a pre-pension plan and do not have unlimited funds. But I am in no way poor, neither. Most important is to select a decent pairing of wine and food. That cassoulet will hardly be improved by a 1961 Bordeaux (nor vice versa, obviously).

Q: Who selects your food / wine pairing ?
A: In the vast majority of cases: me. Incidentally, someone who joins at dinner.

Q: Who cooks ?
A: In most cases: me. And I love it.

Q: Why don’t you taste like real tasters ?
A: ‘Real’ tasters taste at 11:00 a.m., drinking a dozen or so of wines, hardly really drinking (as in swallowing) them and having little or no food with them. That’s just not how real life works out, at least not for me. As for professional tastings in the appropriate circumstances: I’m fine with those. But I’m no professional and do not advertise myself as such.

Q: Why don’t you give ratings ?
A: To give – serious – ratings, one has:to have

  • really good taste (I reckon my tastebuds are mediocre at most)
  • a reliable rating system (but what? 3 stars ??  20 points ??? a 1 to 100 scale ????)
  • a good benchmark and calibration method
  • and not at least the conviction that ratings would be significant for anyone

I have none of the above.

Q: Why don’t you give price info ?
A: Because prices vary enormously over locations and over time, so the importance is limited. Also, very few of what I write about here will break your bank, seriously. If a wine is remarkably cheap or expensive, I will mention so.

Q: I don’t agree with your review.
A: You are totally entitled to do so. This blog is my personal thing. If I, however, have made a mistake of some kind, please let me know and I will correct it. I am not here to make the life of honest wine growers and/or merchants miserable. Au contraire.

Q: The arrow (pointing at the area the wine is from) at your little map on the right side is incorrect.
A: Oops. It should be reasonable correct, but bear with me.

Q: Do you only drink wine ?
A: No. I drink the occasional beer and do actually love cider. I tried stronger liquor, but just am not into it. Only on long cold Winter evenings a dram of Bruichladdich Bere Barley might turn up.

Q: And what about fortfied wine like Porto ? Or Sake ? Or ??
A: That’s an interesting one. I consider Porto as wine. Sake is, well, er, neither technically nor legally wine, but for the sake (ha ha) of this blog…

Q: Do you drink every day ?
A: No. There are days I don’t drink wine or beer or any alcohol at all.  And on occasions when I have to drive I do not drink at all. Zero. Serious. And I strongly advise you all to do the same.

Q: Don’t you know alcohol is bad ?
A: Yes I know – but I (still) believe in the ‘hockey-stick’ curve (you may want to check this on the ‘net). And in case that is outdated: I’ll take the risk, I think.

Q: Need Louis Vuitton bags / expensive watches / Viagra ?
A: No – and stop bothering me, please.