Welcome to this blog !

For those visitors who stumbled upon the title and had quite a different idea: sorry ! Well, not really, actually. Big Finance has done enough evil for the day, and this is my idea of liquidity. Believe me: it’s much more fun.

I have been a wine drinker since my student days, starting with the house wines of the local wine merchants and the cheaper side of the supermarkets portfolio, and slowly ‘graduating’ to the more elusive stuff.

I know I do not taste like ‘real’ professional tasters. ‘Real’ professionals taste at 11:00 a.m. facing a north-sided window, tasting 12 wines in sequence and hardly doing any real drinking. And then they make a complicated rating. Interestingly enough, the rest of the world sometimes goes blind on those ratings for buying wines that are consumed in 200% different circumstances: evenings, with food en drunk by the glassfull – or more. It does not make too much sense to me, honestly.

I drink one wine at a time (seems enough for me), pair it with food (almost always, that is) and don’t do ratings. Life is enough complicated as it is.

This blog is unsponsored and uncensored. It is not my intention to encourage the use of alcohol or to advise you on buying or drinking wine. And be like me and don’t drink and drive.

This blog serves as a combination of personal notebook and public notice board. I appreciate your visits, and your comments are welcome. Enjoy !