Pinot Gris Grand Cru Steinert 2010

etiket-garnd-cru-steinert-2010-plus-kaart-2x-met-gele-pijl-jpegPinot Gris Grand Cru Steinert 2010
Appellation Alsace Grand Cru contrôlée
‘Ernest Wein’
la Cave des Vignerons de Pfaffenheim
68250 Pfaffenheim (haut-Rhin)

tasted January 17th, 2017


Some pineapple, some lychee, some honey, some glycerin – it’s all there, but in rather low quantities and the body is a featherweight one, although we deal with a 13.5% alcohol content. Is this really a Grand Cru, one wonders ? However, the taste is fresh and the balance is right.

Sampled with Chinese -takeaway remainders (think Peking Duck, roasted park, fried rice, you know the lot). And with that fare the wine performed pretty well.

We start the year off rather late because of a very tenacious cold. But what we have is no less than sensational: this is the cheapest Alsace Grand Cru I ever had – and likely this record will not easily be broken. I am normally not for mentioning prices, but this bottle cost me EUR 6.30 (honestly) at a near-local discounter of German origins – though that included a 30% rebate. This is a good 25% of what I usually have to pay, which makes one wonder…

This was not the most impressive Grand Cru I ever tasted, to put it mildly. But the taste was okay, and the balance actually was good. In price/performance this wine is doing surprisingly well: a decent, if modest, wine for a decent (and very modest) price. I really would not mind having a few bottles in store for, say, less demanding occasions. And I would certainly recommend the wine as an easy and affordable entry into the Alsace Grand Cru -category.

‘Ernest Wein’, by the way, seems to be the special private label that the Vignerons de Pfaffenheim use for my German discounter. They do not sell themselves under that label – but do sell other vintages of this wine under their own (‘Pfaff’) name.


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