Gewurztraminer ‘Altenberg de Bergheim’ 2012

Gewurztraminer ‘Altenberg de Bergheim’ 2012
Appellation Grand Cru Alsace Contrôlée
Organic (Ecocert) certificated
Domaine Fernand Engel
68590 Rorschwir (Haut-Rhin)

Tasted November 3rd, 2016.


Enter the tropics: lychee, mango and pineapple start the journey. Then we embark on a river of glycerine, carrying almond, peaches and honey in incredible smoothness. We end with some grapefruit, wood and a hint of cinnamon. Not so much a wine as a temptress – and a very dangerous one…

Sampled with a chicken, peanut and pineapple curry.

This is the wine I fell in love with more than 10 years ago, living in Brussels at the time. Almost weekly an ex-pat collegue and myself went to a restaurant where we would spend an enjoyable evening. It was really a no-star, modest affair, but the reception was friendly, the food good and the wine – oh the wine… Here I learned to drink Gewurztraminer and I haven’t stopped since.

More than most other wines, Gewurztraminer has a character of its own. When cheap and sloppy (try your local supermarket stuff – but at your own risk), it can be a disappointing affair, like a bad date. When good, it can put you into heaven, and hook you for life.

The Engel domaine does a good job. They farm organic – even biodynamic -, which is definitely a pro, since it means that they go for quality rather than quantity. I think it really works, tasting this wine.

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