Mâcon-Villages 2015

etiketmacon-villages-2015-rodet-plus-kaart-2x-met-gele-pijl-jpegMâcon-Villages 2015
Appellation Mâcon-Villages contrôlée
Antinon Rodet
71294 Mercurey (Saône-et-Loire)

Tasted October 14th, 2016.



This is your archetypical supermarket Bourgogne – and a pretty good one at that. A little butter, a little oak, a little tropical fruit. All in decent yet not dominant quantities, a nice balance. Not a Meursault, but those are rare in supermarkets anyway(1). This is more easily obtainable and value for money.

Sampled with ‘Saumon à deux facons’ (smoked and grilled), potato gratin and peas. The remainder was used later the evening to accompany some cheese. Not a bad way to start the weekend, methinks.


(1) At least where I live. When I lived in Belgium, some larger supermarkets had Meursault in stock, but we are talking a somewhat different price range then.

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